Plan. Simulate. Optimise.

No company can afford to not make any process. Our solutions help you to verify investments and increase the productivity of your employees.

Supply Chain Design

We re-design your supply chain, sustainable, future-proof and economical.

Logistic Planning

Our comprehensive experience and passion is to design and plan your logistics.

Simulation & Visualisation

Minimize risks, invest successfully. The simulation technology secures your developments.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

We support disposition and production planning with fully integrated planning systems.
Supply Chain Design

Our experts advise and support you in the design and optimization of your supply chain structure. We focus on the complexity of your value-added processes, systematizing and structuring them, and thus developing new approaches for a holistic supply chain design. We help you to increase your quality and availability and reduce your capital commitment.

  • Analysis and scenario-based assessment of growth options
  • IIdentification of short-term cost potentials within the supply chain organization
  • Holistic view of the supply chain in terms of performance and costs
  • Determination of a service and cost-optimized location structure
  • Optimal utilization of your transport capacity
Logistics Planning

We support you in the planning and realization of your logistical projects from the beginning to the successful conclusion. Together with you, we develop the future requirements for logistics, which are the base for development of design alternatives.

We evaluate the developed design concepts according to performance and economic criteria and thus provide you with a well-founded decision-making base. We also take into account the transition from your current situation to the selected design variant.

  • Planning of logistic systems and plants
  • Delivery and tour optimization
  • Accompanying tenders for logistic systems
Simulation & Visualisation

Are you planning an investment? Are you faced with the question of how to make your processes efficient? Asking yourself whether a higher automation increases your performance and lowers your operating costs? Is there a manual reorientation of your processes?
Many successful companies have long used digital factory simulation methods. Don’t wait any longer! Discover the possibilities of the simulation!

  • Supply Chain Simulation
  • Factory simulation (production and production, incl. production logistics)
  • Staff scheduling
  • Distribution and transport simulation
  • Logistics simulation (Incoming / outgoing goods, storage, picking, shipping)
  • Emulation (simulation-based test environment)
  • Yard Management
Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) business unit offers you powerful and industry-proven planning and optimization systems for your business areas.

  • Sales and capacity planning
  • Scheduling / Procurement
  • Production planning
  • Setup optimization
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Fault management

About us

Since 1986, SDZ GmbH has stood for the highest quality in using and developing of simulation technology. Today, we support our customers with methodical approaches to securing their investments, starting at strategic supply chain design, factory and logistics planning, through to IT-supported production planning software. Our wide spectrum offers customers synergies in order to increase their competitiveness in the long term.

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The satisfaction of our customers and the success of our projects are the most critical goals for us. For this reason, we enjoy the trust of our customers and can openly advertise with our references.

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