SDZ develops customized solutions to automate logistics

We grew up with the automation of intralogistics, which had its origins in the 80s. Nowadays, these systems are used company-wide, from production to shipping goods to customers. Right from the start, we have designed customized solutions for intralogistics and planned an economically optimized use of automation.


Competent from experience

SDZ GmbH was founded in 1986 with the pioneering goal of introducing simulation technology as a new method of factory planning to industry and trade. Today, SDZ GmbH is a leading European planning and technology company with global reach and an international client base. As a sought-after partner and supplier of top-notch solutions, SDZ excels in the design of long-term efficient value chains in logistics and production within a global market environment characterised by fast-moving dynamics.

Innovative solutions for highest complexity

Our comprehensive expertise in the fields of Supply Chain Design, Logistics Planning, Simulation as well as Advanced Planning & Scheduling has enabled us to establish ourselves successfully in the leading markets. Since we take a holistic approach to assisting our clients in their business planning and optimisation efforts, we leave no stone unturned: we start with a meticulous study of corporate structures, then move on to the design of smooth processes and systems for each corporate location, site or facility and then follow through to process and system implementation. As our methodical competencies do not go unnoticed by exacting clients around the world, we are continuously expanding our market share both at home in Germany and abroad.

Simulation for hedging investments

We assist renowned clients in mastering the challenge of positioning themselves in their target markets in a service-oriented and efficient way. To this end, we develop bespoke and economical solutions for their best benefit – all the way from the establishment of the planning base proper through to real-world project implementation. We excel at testing and securing our concepts in light of market dynamic forces “ahead of time” so that our clients can rest assured that they will work with a stable and mature solution. To this end, we employ innovative methods, including a variety of smart simulation and optimisation techniques.

Digitization of factory operations

For efficient factory operations, we are developing a forward-looking digitization strategy for production and logistics. By designing digital processes, we create the conditions for the digital transformation of your company and accompany the necessary change processes. With the innovative planning system SimAL.Suite, we also offer you a modern IT system for the digitization of production planning, which supports sales planning, material planning and machine allocation planning.