The VUZ Railway Research Institute implements a Digital Twin at the Velim Test Center

The Railway Research Institute Výzkuný Ústav Železniční, a.s. (VUZ), a member of the ČD Group (Czech Railways), is modernizing the test center in Velim. For this purpose, VUZ has commissioned the development of a Digital Twin of the dynamic test center, which will enable more efficient and flexible planning of test execution.

The dynamic test center

The dynamic test center is part of the VUZ test center in Velim and is used by all major manufacturers of locomotives and rail vehicles such as Stadler, Siemens, Alstom, Pesa, CAF, Hitachi, Skoda Transportation and a number of other European and Asian manufacturers.

It has unique equipment for performing static and dynamic strength and durability testing of components, including simulation of rail vehicle operating conditions and states.

In the dynamic test center it is possible to test several components at the same time and to perform three dynamic tests of rail vehicle chassis at the same time. This combined with the high quality of its staff enables VUZ to offer professional services and comprehensive solutions in the field of assessment, certification and testing with a focus on rail vehicles, railroad systems, rail transport and other industries.

Bild VUZ

Respond flexibly to dynamic changes

The Digital Twin, which SDZ is developing in cooperation with VUZ, is coupled with VUZ’s IT systems. In this way, incoming customer orders can be planned online in advance not only in terms of time, but also in terms of capacity the load on the test systems based on the 3D model. VUZ can also react directly to dynamic changes and reschedule operations so that customer orders can be carried out as planned and VUZ achieves maximum utilization of its test systems. As a service partner, SDZ will continue to support the use of the Digital Twin at VUZ after the successful implementation.