Corporate management

SDZ GmbH was founded in 1986 by Professor Noche and Professor Jünemann, both of whom continue to take an active role in supporting the company to date. Professor Noche has been engaged as a managing partner since the company’s inception whereas Professor Jünemann is contributing his experience as a partner. Mr Bös joined the Board of Management as a Managing Partner in 2000.

A perfectly tuned team

Our most valuable resource is our staff. We owe our corporate success to their know-how, commitment and creativity – an asset from which our clients directly benefit when they contact the SDZ team. The company is jointly managed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Noche and Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Bös. The perfect interaction between corporate management and staff members creates an ingenious team spirit in which client-oriented visions and strategies can be successfully forged.

People with expert knowledge and ideas

Each day brings new and special challenges to our team. These challenges can only be mastered from a background steeped in sound specialist knowledge, broad general education and not least an ability to look beyond the horizon and see the “big picture” with a view to developing creative solutions.

Network of experts

Our team members are seasoned generalists used to thinking in networked terms and excelling at understanding overall contexts. They manage a carefully orchestrated pool of high-qualified experts, for example, when it comes to smoothly coordinating all members and elements of a supply chain, or to designing, implementing and launching a logistics centre involving suppliers and operators, or to agreeing upon a holistic control concept for a factory.

Our systematically organised network of experts enables us to find a solution to any challenge, however complex and sophisticated it may be.