The future in sight – safeguarding factory planning through simulation

Whether you are planning a new factory, expanding it or restructuring it – the simulation shows the effectiveness of your investments. It secures your factory planning and helps your business decisions to achieve maximum effect. At the same time, it visualizes future operating processes.

Make sure today that it works tomorrow

Do you plan to invest in your factory? Are you faced with the question of how you can make your operational processes efficient? Are you wondering whether automation increases your production output? Are you looking for ways to reduce your operating costs in the long term? And do you want to know today how effective your planned measures will be?

SDZ secures your factory planning with a simulation. Planning raises many questions about a project. We answer all your questions with the help of the simulation. To do this, we create a digital twin of your factory or logistics center in order to analyze your concept planning. This can be done safely and quickly with our powerful simulation tools. This offers you the necessary decision-making security for your project.

Investieren ganz ohne Risiko

Avoid unnecessary risks – use the simulation to take a look into the future. We determine the marginal performance of your factory and your logistics. We identify bottlenecks and weak points in your factory planning:

  • Are all machines supplied with material on time?
  • How high are your capacities being used?
  • How high is the necessary personnel deployment?

And we develop measures to optimize your factory planning, the effectiveness of which we also demonstrate through further simulations: This can involve changes to the factory layout, the use of additional machines or a change in your operating strategies. In this way, you can use the simulation to strengthen your competitiveness and market position in the long term.

Mastering complexity – perfectly designed operating strategies

Simulation of investments is now standard in factory planning. Factories are becoming more and more complex, the degree of automation is increasing and the operating processes are increasingly digitized. It is therefore state of the art to simulate factory planning. Lean back and let us show you how the operating behavior in your factory will look in the future. And whether the operating strategies you have designed are proving their worth. A simulation of the SDZ gives you the security of making the right decisions for your project.

Every day is different. Find out today whether your investment covers your expected business cases. To do this, we analyze different operating situations that you will face in the future. We show you how your factory or logistics center reacts to this: We determine the utilization of your capacities and resources. In the simulation you can already see the occupancy of your storage areas and buffer areas. The simulation also determines delivery reliability, both for production and shipping.

Simulation visualizes the future operational processes of your factory

We bring factory planning to life. By visualizing the operational processes, we offer all those involved access to the factory planning. We generate images with which we make the planning lively and representational. This leads to a representational idea of factory planning for all parties involved.

The transparency for the future operational processes leads to a better understanding of the factory planning. Further “what-if questions” can be identified with all those involved, which have to be answered within the framework of the factory planning, and lead to ideas for concept planning. With the simulation we answer these questions for you. And determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the ideas developed.

No question remains unanswered, every idea is examined. The inclusion of all involved groups in the simulation leads to a multi-criteria planning of the factory, in which all requirements are identified early on. This way, surprises in the further course of the project are excluded and later changes are not required.

The simulation of the factory planning saves time and reduces costs

The benefits of simulation in logistics and factory planning are manifold. First and foremost, a simulation protects your investment: The simulation ensures that the required system performance is achieved.

Do you operate in a volatile market environment?


Your goal is maximum profitability of your factory and your logistics?

Using simulation, we design your operational processes so flexibly that they can be adapted to any operational situation.

We use a simulation to optimize your investment and align it precisely with your business case. We ensure that your factory planning is adequately dimensioned and avoid unnecessary overcapacity.

An investment in the simulation of your project pays for itself in many ways. It significantly reduces the total costs for your project, both the investments and the follow-up costs in later operation. It is not uncommon for up to 15 percent of investments to be saved without reducing system performance. By using the simulation, commissioning also runs smoothly, so that implementation is ensured within the projected budget and time. But the operating costs can also be reduced through a simulation, since the operating strategies are designed to be flexible and changeable, so that efficient operation is possible in every situation.

Expertise in simulation in production and logistics

The SDZ is a pioneer in simulation in production and logistics. Since 1986 we have been supporting companies from industry and trade in the simulation of logistics and factory planning. Nowadays we offer the following applications of simulation:

  • Material flow simulation
  • Factory simulation
  • Logistics simulation
  • Supply chain simulation
  • Traffic flow simulation
  • 3D animation (virtual reality)

We have standardized the procedure for carrying out simulation studies and optimized them in a practice-oriented manner. We use modern, high-performance simulation tools and choose the best tool for your project based on the application.

Our qualified experts lead your team through all phases of a simulation study in a goal-oriented manner. Together with your team, our experts collect all the requirements for the simulation, create the simulation model and analyze the jointly defined scenarios, the results of which they explain to your team.