For more than 25 years, SDZ GmbH has been committed to devising customised concepts that are geared to boosting clients’ logistics efficiency For more than twenty-five years, SDZ GmbH has been committed to designing customised concepts that are geared to helping clients attain efficient logistics processes in tune with the requirements of future markets. We develop their logistics processes and design the appropriate logistics ystems. We plan from the inside out, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Efficiency and service
  • Profitability
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Long-term viability

Process design

All our work rests on a sound data framework. This planning database provides a detailed description of the future requirements of your logistics system and defines the appropriate system boundaries. This insight enables us to shape the logistics processes of our clients, it allows us to structure their logistics systems with a view to ensuring perfect functionality, and it helps us to find the right dimension for any of the areas involved. Of course, we also identify the optimum degree of logistics automation early in the planning process – because foresight is key to success!

Overall conceptual design

Based on the identification of our clients’ needs and requirements as described before, we develop multiple design alternatives for logistics systems. These alternatives serve to combine processes and suitable systems into overall solutions in various ways. Our approach goes far beyond the technological realm because we are well aware that the profitability is essential to success. We ensure the profitability of your logistics system by reliably identifying the necessary investment costs in tandem with the operating costs resulting from the implementation of any of our solutions. In this way, we build efficient solutions that are perfectly in tune with our clients’ needs.

In order to ensure seamless high-quality planning, we devise meticulous master plans that integrate all aspects associated with your project – right through to its real-world implementation.