SimAL – The successful way to digitalize your production planning

The dynamics of the markets require the highest level of responsiveness and flexibility from manufacturing companies. Short-term delivery dates and the latest possible changes to orders require companies to be permanently ready to plan. This requires comprehensive transparency for the current situation, in real time. These requirements can no longer be met without the end-to-end digitalization of planning processes.

As a software company, we offer the powerful and proven production planning system SimAL.Suite with a wide range of applications for production planning, including sales planning, material requirements calculation, capacity planning, scheduling, manufacturing control and production controlling. SimAL is the connecting link between your ERP-system and the shop floor. With SimAL, we support manufacturing companies in the digitalization of their production planning.

SimAL supports planners and schedulers in their daily work and gives them room to align production with customer requirements, taking into account the economic goals of the company. Be it for delivery date commitments, determination of material requirements or changes of production plans.

Due to its complete integration into your IT systems, SimAL provides a completely transparent insight of the current situation into the operational areas of your company. A broad range of simulation and optimisation functions enables you to keep control of all of your production processes and to respond flexibly to unplanned or unforeseeable events. For purpose of automation of production planning optimization modules based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) are implemented in SimAL.

SimAL supports all planning tasks in the company – from sales planning to the optimization of the production sequence. SimAL provides a transparent view of the current and expected future situation of all production areas. You can thus call up the key figures of business development at a glance. Delivery service (SLA), efficiency (OEE), inventory development (WIP), productivity (utilization), output quantity.

In the future, it will be even easier for you to meet your delivery dates and accept orders at short notice without jeopardizing the delivery dates of other orders. SimAL offers decision support for this, starting with the simulation of options for action up to the optimization of production planning.

SimAL enables efficient and economically oriented production planning that can react dynamically and flexibly to market fluctuations and customer requirements. SimAL offers optimization modules based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate production planning.

SimAL has functions for information exchange between planning and production. All production-related data (e.g. on orders, materials, machine status, costs or product quality) are transferred in real time.

SimAL thus offers you maximum transparency and responsiveness. You achieve highest productivity and profitability and strengthen your competitiveness sustainably.

SimAL supplements your manufacturing systems to a complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) according to international guidelines (e.g. ISA S95). SimAL is fully integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and is therefore a building block for your digitization strategy.

Benefits and added values of SimAL

Our production planning system SimAL provides more than just software: we supply benefits and added values through smart solutions in the following areas:

  • Production planning, capacity planning & scheduling
  • Sales and operations planning (demand planning)
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Sequence optimisation & set-up optimisation
  • On-time delivery optimisation
  • Key-figures and dashboards for production management
  • Development of individual optimisation systems for special requirements
  • Integration of production planning solutions into the IT environment