We can assist you in the following aspects of supply chain design:

  • Location, site & facility analysis / Location, site & facility concept
  • Inventory management / VMI concept
  • Logistics and distribution structure
  • Transport structure and route optimisation

Our approach

We can analyse, assess and optimise your present supply chain based on solid data analyses, we identify hidden optimisation potential, we compare and evaluate different concepts or alternatives of design, and we devise action plans for subsequent implementation. If you entrust us with your project, we will also develop a phase model that will ensure professional project handling from start to finish.

Our analysis and design work is based on computer-assisted models that serve to help us obtain clear insights into the conceptual design of corporate structures and value-added processes. These models enable us to analyse a variety of so-called business cases describing the present and future market situation as well as the expected corporate development.

Your benefit

  • Excellent positioning of your company even in the face of increased competitive pressure
  • Efficient management of greater supply chain complexity resulting from a broader product portfolio
  • Expansion and optimisation of your logistics processes geared to tapping new markets or winning further market shares
  • Improvement of delivery service quality in tune with increasing customer demands and requirements
  • Full use of your business’s potential for revenue growth and supply chain cost reduction