Strategic supply chain design leads to resilient supply chains

Supply chains in industry and trade are currently changing faster than ever before. Dominant competitive factors are speed and costs. This requires a redesign of efficient and resilient supply chains.


It is our goal to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers. We achieve this through the highest delivery service and maximum profitability of your logistics processes. We support you in the strategic design of your supply chain. Our supply chain design competencies include the redesign and redesign of your supply chains for the following aspects:

  • Service and cost-optimized design of supply networks
  • Design of sustainable, climate-reduced supply chains
  • Comparison of the potential of a central and decentralized logistics structure
  • Determination of the optimal location of logistics locations (warehouses & transshipment points)
  • Allocation of products and delivery locations to logistics locations
  • Demand-oriented inventory management to increase delivery capacity
  • Analysis of the ability to deliver in the event of changes in the replacement procurement conditions
  • Determination of potential for stock reductions
  • Determination of the required transport capacities (road, rail, water, air)
  • Framework conditions for strategic freight purchasing (tariffs, Incoterms)
  • Potential for lowering logistics and transport costs
  • Optimization of the transport planning
  • Digitization of supply chain management

We support manufacturing companies, trading companies as well as logistics and transport companies in positioning them in their target markets. We develop supply chain structures and logistics processes that enable effective management of the increased complexity.

Supply chain simulation with SDZ software Median

The design of service and cost-optimized supply networks is subject to many, sometimes contradicting, influencing factors. Bringing these in line is the challenging task for supply chain design. The following aspects must be taken into account:

  • Market-related fluctuations (daily and seasonal)
  • Market growth (global, regional or national)
  • Future planned market shares and product range development
  • New growth segments

Supply chain simulation is a powerful tool to cope with this complex task. We use the ‘Median’ software for this, a supply chain simulation method that we have developed over many years and has perfected through numerous applications. This enables us to create computer-based models of the supply chain for comprehensive analysis:

  • Depiction of different design alternatives for your supply chain
  • Simulation of various business cases
  • Analysis in terms of dynamics within the target markets
  • Evaluation of changes in product range and range
  • Requirements of a regional expansion of the supply network
  • Integration of supplementary organizational units in the event of restructuring or takeovers

Transparency for complex supply chains using simulation

With the supply chain simulation, we create complete transparency for the complexity of your supply networks. We identify weak points within the supply chain that endanger delivery dates and lead to avoidable costs. We identify and evaluate potential for optimizing your logistics processes, which ensure that the delivery promise is kept and lead to a reduction in your logistics costs. The supply chain simulation enables the determination and evaluation of the flow of goods as well as the transport and logistics costs:

  • Which delivery service can the supply chain ensure?
  • Which assortments and shipping quantities result for each location?
  • Which transport volumes have to be handled on a daily basis?
  • What are the potentials for the reduction of stocks?
  • What are the expected total costs for the supply chain?
  • What potential cost savings are there? How can these be achieved?

In this way, we support you in the strategic realignment of your supply chain in relation to the requirements of your target markets and the planned corporate development. We will be happy to implement the recommendations for action that we have backed up by means of the supply chain simulation together with you.

Digital twin of the supply chain

The models of the supply chain simulation of strategic planning can be implemented as digital twin in every company. This extends the digitalization of supply chain management. For example, analyzes of questions of tactical planning can be carried out on the basis of current data:

  • Monitoring the supply chain by analyzing the logistics processes that have been carried out
  • Regular reviews to optimize the supply network design
  • Evaluation of new business cases such as new customers or expanded sales regions
  • Support of transport tenders
  • Analyzes of the supply chain for continuous improvement
By regularly analyzing your supply chain data, you can visualize the progress in the implementation of the redesign of your supply chains and evaluate the success of the expected potential. You will receive information on how to fine-tune the measures implemented and identify further optimization potential. The digital twin of your supply chain supports you on the way to supply chain excellence.