Innovative Solutions

Since its inception in 1986, SDZ GmbH has made a name for itself as an independent consultancy and technology firm engaged in the development and planning of logistics and production systems. Renowned as a leading European simulation company, the SDZ team is methodically efficient in the development of creative and innovative solutions that are engineered with professionalism and passion.

By taking consultancy to new levels, we go far beyond the classic approaches, and we take pride in offering our clients an outstandingly comprehensive variety of solid know-how seasoned with creativity!

Build on experience

A rich collection of experience and benchmarks derived from our work with companies from numerous industries who have come to appreciate our smart simulation and optimisation methods, enables us to make far-sighted and reliable evaluation statements on our clients’ envisaged investment decisions. You can rest assured that our highly qualified and committed staff will join forces with your own experts to form a powerful and competent dream team.

This proven approach will provide truly tailormade solutions to your business. The benefits are obvious: you can enjoy innovative solutions that are way outside the box of traditional thinking!

Step up efficency and reap the success you deserve

Our consultancy services are designed to help our clients enhance the profitability and efficiency of their business without compromising delivery service quality and without sacrificing any of the promises to customers associated with it. This is all the more because we are well aware that the efficiency and perfect quality fit of a business model are indispensable prerequisites for corporate success.

We evaluate business processes in terms of key parameters (such as profitability), we identify any hidden optimisation potential, and we devise customised action plans. Also, our clients can count on our responsive (and responsible!) assistance and support in the implementation of action plans – all along the way, from project start to project finish.