Software SimAL – Planning automated

With SimAL, we make the complexity of production controllable by software. SimAL ensures the automation of all planning activities by using simulation and optimization methods in production planning via software. Existing planning knowledge for production planning can simply be adopted. Even short-term reactions to customer requests are manageable. With SimAL, our customers can produce what the market demands in a cost-efficient and resource-saving way according to demand.

Mastering Symbiosis | Highly specialized software solutions for targeted optimization

Our work lives from two supporting components. On the one hand, our expert employees are adept at dynamically dealing with the challenges of production planning and control. On the other hand, we have innovative software solutions at our disposal. SDZ – that means expertise and innovation in a profitable symbiosis.

Team digital | Development & application from a single source

We develop our optimization and simulation software ourselves. In more than three decades of experience, we have learned what matters, what hurdles many of our clients face, and what the goals are that drive them. With this knowledge, we have optimized our software solutions and their application. Allow us to introduce – the digital team:

SimAL |
More flexibility & responsiveness thanks to AI

SimAL provides you with a unique simulation-based order control station. Integration with your existing IT is easy. The added value: Strengthening competitiveness through optimized productivity and operating costs.

  • Production controlling with throughput, SLA, OEE and WIP (with the SimAL.Reporting module)
  • Sales planning (with the SimAL.Sales module)
  • Production control and capacity planning (with the SimAL.CTP module)
  • Setup time optimization (with the SimAL.Scheduler module)
  • Cost planning and material planning (with the SimAL.Planner module)
  • Real-time multi-user capability

DOSIMIS-3 | The modular optimization tool for logistics & production

DOSIMIS-3 is our intuitive simulation tool for the optimization of transport systems, logistic processes as well as manufacturing and production. The added value: Ongoing optimization in operational business.

  • Material flow simulation and optimization
  • Logistics simulation and optimization
  • Buffer analysis as well as throughput and cycle time optimization
  • Planning and organization of the factory (for example in the Kanban model)
  • Optimization of sorting and conveyor belt systems
  • Personnel and individual process planning as well as adjustment of the supply chain

With extensive experience, industry expertise and passion, we design and plan your logistics.

Global supply chains are in transition. We support the redesign and optimization of production and logistics.

Minimize risks, invest successfully, optimize productivity, increase delivery reliability. We digitize production planning. We offer material flow simulation for production and logistics.

Successful projects – satisfied customers

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Account Manager

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