Logistics planning

Logistics planning provides a central building block in supply chain management. As part of our logistics planning, we provide you with our analyses and a concrete plan of action.

Precise planning – delivered economically

We optimize your supply chain. Your logistics planning affects key figures of profitability and influences both utilized and potential capacity. In other words, logistics planning is (almost) everything. Our service for you therefore includes intensive support with a watchful eye. In line with our view of optimized logistics planning, we set our sights on the following goals for you in particular.

  • Efficient capacity utilization & effective warehouse expansion
  • Simple reduction of inventories when needed
  • Optimization of delivery service & internal transports
  • Clear automation
  • Improved flexibility of logistics in case of changing requirements
  • Scope for individuality

Logistics planning: Our services

  • Individual analyses and benchmarks
  • Audit of existing logistics
  • Inventory optimization
  • Optimization and modernization of existing plants
  • Development of logistics and warehouse concepts
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Detailed planning of plants
  • Tender and offer management
  • Realization support and interface coordination for logistics, construction and IT
  • Project management in time, in budget, in scope
  • Outsourcing studies

Optimization: Show us where you are and we will show you where the journey is going.

The term optimization is often overused in connection with logistics planning. Essentially, it tells us that we are improving processes in relation to their cost as well as in terms of the time they take. Faster and better, with reduced costs. What sounds like a casual shot from the hip, however, we only achieve with meticulous project management and a lot of love for logistics. Invite us to get to know your company.

With extensive experience, industry expertise and passion, we design and plan your logistics.

Global supply chains are in transition. We support the redesign and optimization of production and logistics.

Minimize risks, invest successfully, optimize productivity, increase delivery reliability. We digitize production planning. We offer material flow simulation for production and logistics.

Successful projects – satisfied customers

Tanja Kernjak

Account Manager

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Do you know this?

Are you wondering how you can increase the profitability of your logistics or improve performance and capacity? Do you want to realign your logistics or expand your warehouse? Need to reduce inventory and increase delivery service? You want to optimize your internal transports? And shouldn’t your logistics be more automated? Are you faced with the task of having to adapt your logistics to changing requirements?

Introduction to logistics planning

Logistics planning is the process of optimizing operations and resources in a supply chain to make the delivery of goods and services more efficient, cost-effective and reliable. It involves planning inventory levels, production schedules, transportation routes and costs, and coordinating suppliers and customers. Logistics planning plays an important role in supply chain management, helping to reduce costs, increase delivery reliability and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics planning – Our services

  • Logistics & Distribution Strategy Development
  • Planning of logistics and distribution centers
  • Material flow planning for logistics & production
  • Plant structure planning (incl. plant traffic)
  • Planning of logistic systems

In this way, we support service providers, trading companies and manufacturing companies in designing their logistics in an efficient and service-oriented manner. Contact us!

Logistics planning – realizing smooth processes
Your warehouse: Our playing field

Designing a warehouse means more than just positioning shelves and conveyor systems in a layout. We develop solutions for your warehouse that are efficiently integrated into your overall processes and that offer you maximum cost-effectiveness. Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of planning, implementation and project management – from individual optimization measures to the completion of complete logistics centers. We work worldwide and support you at your locations.

Individual analyses and benchmarks

  • Audit of existing logistics
  • Inventory optimization
  • Optimization and modernization of existing plants
  • Development of logistics and warehouse concepts
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Detailed planning of plants
  • Tender and offer management
  • Realization support and interface coordination (logistics, construction, IT)
  • Project management (in time, in budget, in scope)
  • Outsourcing studies

Managing complexity

Logistics planning takes into account comprehensive networking in a complex environment. An increasing number of interfaces – both internal and external – influence the required logistics performance on a daily basis. This results in ever shorter response times and high performance peaks. Daily as well as seasonal fluctuations have to be managed economically in a system and lead to a wide variety of operating situations. The result is a high level of complexity in your logistics. We design this for you and make it manageable. We back up our planning with simulations, giving you the certainty that these solutions can be implemented and will work in any operating situation. In this way, we develop solutions that can be operated flexibly, scalably and economically.

Individual analyses and benchmarks

Since our founding over 30 years ago, we have been dedicated to designing individual solutions for our customers’ logistics. We develop efficient, economical and future-oriented solutions. We take into account the dynamic requirements of your business and incorporate future demands on your logistics. Our services include both new planning and re-engineering to expand and optimize your existing logistics. Warehousing, order picking and internal transport – we design your logistics from incoming goods to outgoing goods and beyond! We have a comprehensive overview of the market and thus develop efficient and economical solutions for our customers. This also answers the question of the economically optimal level for automating logistics processes. We support you in the selection of suitable equipment suppliers up to the successful realization of your project.


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Logistics planning with SDZ – The best solution for you

The development in almost all areas of life leads to an ever increasing specialization of all actors involved in the planning process. We are specialized in the planning of logistic systems and facilities. In addition to our technical know-how, this also includes the coordination of interdisciplinary project teams for logistics planning, which are made up of different specialists. This also includes the involved technical experts from your company. Each specialist represents one aspect of planning to be considered. We bring together the requirements of all the specialists in the planning process and work with everyone involved to develop solutions that meet these requirements. To this end, we identify evaluation criteria and work with you to define their weighting for evaluating the design variants developed in the planning process. This means individually weighing up criteria such as performance, cost-effectiveness, safety and flexibility in each project in order to identify the optimum solution for you.

Logistics has become the decisive factor for success in the marketplace. For us, the goal of logistics planning is therefore to increase your competitiveness. Because optimally designed logistics guarantees the delivery promise to their customers. And it is efficient and economical at the same time. We will gladly support you in this task and take on the responsible design, optimization and implementation of your logistics. Contact us!

We plan from the inside out

Our planning activities are based on a target-oriented process model that has been tried and tested over many years. This enables us to develop a logistics concept tailored to your individual needs. To this end, we first develop efficient processes and then individually plan the systems. We refer to this principle as planning from the inside out.

We start with an in-depth analysis of your planning requirements, which includes evaluating your existing processes and identifying optimization potential. This analysis forms the basis for the development of a resilient planning foundation, which enables us to develop future processes.

In the next step, we carry out the dimensioning, select the suitable systems and design different planning variants. For these variants, we evaluate the resulting effectiveness and economic efficiency and develop a catalog of measures for subsequent implementation.

Everything must flow

Our logistical understanding is dynamically shaped. We focus on fluctuating market requirements and develop adaptable and expandable solutions. Our process-oriented and holistic approach enables us to find innovative and scalable solutions. We evaluate the economically optimal mix of automation and mechanized or manual systems for each task.

This requires individual, complex systems in order to limit investment and operating costs. We prove the performance and functional reliability of our planning and concepts by the method of simulation.

Holistic support

We see ourselves as an objective and independent partner in the realization of your logistics projects. This ensures critical neutrality in the design process. We cooperate with our customers’ internal departments as well as with their manufacturers and suppliers.

We offer them holistic support by drawing on a network of experienced experts and practitioners for interfaces such as building and traffic planning, but also for financing and operation. According to the principle of “one face to the customer”, an SDZ contact person coordinates and supports the consistent planning and implementation of strategic and economic goals.

Through close cooperation with renowned universities and research institutes, SDZ secures access to the latest research results.

Do you know these symptoms?

Shouldn’t your bearing actually have a higher performance?
Are you unable to correctly identify bottlenecks in your warehouse?
Do you sometimes fail to understand the complexity of your own logistics?
Are the processes in your warehouse still efficient?
How should you respond to fluctuating / seasonal performance requirements?
What improvements will you achieve through redesigns?
Are expansions of your warehouse necessary?
Is the efficiency of your personnel deployment sufficient?
Can you accurately determine your staffing requirements?

The goal – your benefit

Many warehouses have been in operation for years without processes being adapted or systems modernized or supplemented.

With the LOGISTICS DIAGNOSIS you take a first step:

With the LOGISTICS DIAGNOSIS you receive an analysis and evaluation of your processes, procedures and systems.

Together with you, we determine whether there is a need for you to take action. We provide you with information on where action is required and will recommend measures in this regard.

Diagnostic areas

Inbound logistics, outbound logistics, picking, production supply and disposal, inventories and materials management / scheduling, order processing and dispatch planning.


During our one-day workshop, we develop a catalog of measures and a concrete action plan for you.

We present the results of our analysis to you on site and then document and hand them over to you for further use.