Mastering E-Commerce

Logistics optimization & simulation tools of the SDZ for efficient online trade

We improve e-commerce digitally. SimAL.Suite is a unique software and our simulation-based order control center for your online trade.

Deliverability and logistics costs are crucial in e-commerce. However, optimizing these aspects is a significant challenge for many companies. We design logistics according to these criteria. To do this, we use the simulation tools DOSIMIS-3 and Plant Simulation, enable a simulation of your e-commerce business and create a low-risk opportunity to change and optimize the operations and logistics systems of your business. Use our expertise to optimize the logistics of your operations and experience the changes in your day-to-day business.

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Mastering complexity – Logistics Planning

We love talking about logistics. But we’re even more passionate about working with you to meet the challenges of your logistics operations. We match highly complex processes with unique software solutions, decades of know-how and a genuine passion for the industry. We support you on the way to your goals.

✔ More profitability
✔ Clear automation & digitization
✔ Customer-oriented optimization of the supply chain
✔ Creating future perspectives
✔ Maintaining flexibility & individuality

This is what we offer for the design of e-commerce logistics

The SDZ has accumulated valuable expertise from more than 30 years as a simulation service center. Our employees are passionate professionals who are eager to solve the challenges of logistics and enterprise infrastructure. Together with our high-tech simulation tools, we move you and your e-commerce forward – including your customers.

  • Production, Shipping and Warehousing: Holistic Logistics Optimization
  • We ask: Where do e-commerce and logistics stand in the context of the corporate concept?
  • We involve your suppliers and other cooperators in the optimization process
  • We develop solutions for spontaneous and long-term efficiency improvement
  • We concentrate on the following focus areas, among others, when designing e-commerce:
    • Warehousing as well as incoming and outgoing goods
    • Picking and shipping
    • Appointment dependency
    • Supply Chain Optimization with MEDIAN
  • We develop a digitalization strategy for intralogistics
  • We design the processes and check the economical use of automation
  • Data analytics: We define inventory ranges and warehouse capacities
  • We simulate your e-commerce and test possible solutions digitally, at low risk and carefully
  • Communication: We listen to you!

Success Story Zalando: Simulation-based optimization of the highly automated intralogistics concept

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No matter where you stand and what challenge you want to face: We support you.

With extensive experience, industry expertise and passion, we design and plan your logistics.

Global supply chains are in transition. We support the redesign and optimization of production and logistics.

Minimize risks, invest successfully, optimize productivity, increase delivery reliability. We digitize production planning. We offer material flow simulation for production and logistics.

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