Simulation with DOSIMIS-3

Our powerful simulation tool DOSIMIS-3 supports you in optimizing production and logistics.

DOSIMIS-3 | Mastering Industrial Engineering

Knowing today how to master the challenges of tomorrow. We rely on DOSIMIS-3 for modern planning and organisation of logistics and production The versatile simulation tool for modern industrial engineering.

DOSIMIS-3 is an intuitive tool that can be used to create a data-based model of your existing or planned projects. Logistical and production-related processes can be clearly displayed on a work surface using modules and control elements. The program allows the user to modify variables and values of this digital image without risk. Let’s find out together what would happen if and optimize your logistics and production in the long term with a focus on your corporate goals.

Mastering your Challenges | DOSIMIS-3 opens up these possibilities

Our employees are proficient in the use of DOSIMIS-3 and combine their expertise with the technical capabilities of this software. We can do that with DOSIMIS-3:

  • Throughput and cycle time optimization in production
  • Life cycle deployment: Optimization in day-to-day business
  • System and inventory optimization
  • Buffer analyses and adjustments
  • Optimization of personnel planning
  • Factory simulation
  • Logistics simulation
  • Material flow simulation
  • Manufacturing simulation

Three good reasons | Why DOSIMIS-3?

In the course of our professional experience, we have observed that three prominent reasons have established themselves as core arguments in favour of DOSIMIS-3 for our customers.

  • Intuitive to use: Get results quickly
  • Field-tested library: Successful use guaranteed
  • Creative: Unlimited design options

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DOSIMIS-3: Ihr Schlüssel zur Erfolgsplanung in der digitalen Fabrik!

Möchten Sie die Komplexität beherrschen und die Dynamik Ihrer Produktion und Logistik sicher planen? Dann lassen Sie sich von DOSIMIS-3 begeistern! Unsere bewährte Simulationssoftware ist die Antwort auf die Herausforderungen der heutigen Märkte und Kundenanforderungen.

Tanja Kernjak

Account Manager

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