Production planning with SimAL.Suite

The SimAL.Suite planning tool is a simulation-based order control center. Improve your production planning with SimAL.Suite.

SimAL.Suite | Mastering Competitiveness

Production and manufacturing require a special degree of planning. SimAL.Suite takes into account all the important parameters that you should not lose sight of when optimizing manufacturing or production. This program has a modular structure. The core competence of this unique development: AI as the foundation for comprehensive digitalization of your production. Your advantage: Improved competitiveness thanks to shorter response times.

Mastering Production | SimAL.Suite opens up these possibilities

Combined with our expertise from more than three decades of production planning, SimAL.Suite is the optimization tool par excellence. We supplement artificial intelligence with our experience and thus provide you with a unique opportunity to digitalize your production planning in a sustainable and targeted manner. This is what SimAL.Suite can do:

  • Production control and capacity planning (with the SimAL.CTP module)
  • Setup time optimization (with the SimAL.Scheduler module)
  • Automatic (AI-supported) optimization of production planning
  • Production controlling with throughput, SLA, OEE and WIP (with the SimAL.Reporting module)
  • Collaborative real-time integration and multi-user capability
  • Sales planning (with the SimAL.Sales module)
  • Simulation of options for action (“what-if”)
  • Cost planning and material planning (with the SimAL.Planner module)

Three good reasons | Why SimAL.Suite?

With SimAL.Suite as a planning tool for operations, we have found that the following three reasons in particular speak in favour of integration for production optimization.

  • Consistent: SimAL.Suite is your path to comprehensive and consistent digitalization of your production
  • Up-and-Down: The implementation of SimAl.Suite increases your productivity and effectively reduces your operating costs
  • Ability to deliver: you increase your competitiveness through greater certainty regarding your ability to deliver

Tanja Kernjak

Account Manager

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