Manufacturing simulation

For automated manufacturing: With the SDZ manufacturing simulation you optimize your cycle time analyses sustainably.

Timing Complexity | Optimize your cycle time analyses through our manufacturing simulation

In automated manufacturing, timing is everything. Because your production system is a finely tuned and highly complex web of steps, optimizing manufacturing is a particular challenge. Our software solution DOSIMIS-3 clones your production and thus enables you to test interventions in this sensitive system – without any negative consequences.

DOSIMIS-3 | Gain insight into cycle time differences of individual components

DOSIMIS-3 is an effective and highly technical tool for manufacturing simulation from SDZ. It duplicates your entire production system or individual production lines. With the digital twin, we have the unique opportunity to change the variables of your processes. Let’s take a look together at what if. Let’s bring your full potential to the starting line.

Improved cycle time analyses through SDZ manufacturing simulation | What if…?

Our in-house software solutions obtain their high degree of effectiveness through the symbiosis with the expertise of our employees. This interaction – coupled with over 30 years of experience – leads to answers to questions that need to be found individually within the framework of each customer’s manufacturing simulation.

  • How does plant behavior respond to changes in certain variables?
  • Are there friction points in the manufacturing process?
  • Where are these friction points and are they avoidable?
  • What production performance is achieved and what are the biggest influencing factors?
  • In which level of utilization is the plant?
  • What are disruptive factors and how do they influence manufacturing?

Mastering Cycle Times | This is what the SDZ does in the context of manufacturing simulation & cycle time optimization

The goal of any manufacturing simulation is to improve cycle times while using materials effectively. The individual needs of your company and your production system define our further goals. The most prominent added values for our customers are:

  • Bottleneck elimination
  • Optimized supply to all machines
  • Identification and removal of blockages
  • Relief from buffers
  • Individual action plan for predictable business scenarios
  • Individual supplementation of the simulation by
  • Life-cycle deployment: permanent optimization with DOSIMIS-3 parallel to the operational business
  • Optimized order control station thanks to SimAL.Suite
  • Mapping and optimization of your transport logistics with Trans.Suite

Mastering complexity.

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We love talking about logistics. But we’re even more passionate about working with you to meet the challenges of your logistics operations. We match highly complex processes with unique software solutions, decades of know-how and a genuine passion for the industry. We support you on the way to your goals.

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✔ Clear automation & digitization
✔ Customer-oriented optimization of the supply chain
✔ Creating future perspectives
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