Processes no longer run smoothly in the warehouse…

Through a logistics diagnosis of your warehouse, we show you potentials for its optimization. The aim is to increase delivery capability, reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Every time you walk through your warehouse, you realize that operations are no longer running smoothly. There are disorderly goods everywhere. Staff block each other in the aisles. Goods accumulate at some workstations, while others are missing. The key figures also support your gut feeling. Delivery reliability is continuously decreasing, complaints are increasing. What’s more, Controlling has been holding the high inventories against you for months. But where to start to get the chaos under control?

If it was your car that was no longer running smoothly, you would have it checked at the garage. This creates a diagnosis and suggests measures to ensure that the engine runs ‘smoothly’ again.

We do the same with your warehouse. Our experts take the time to check the operational processes in your warehouse. They record your processes and identify weaknesses (e.g. due to insufficient standardization). They determine the reasons for recognized inefficiencies and identify potential for improvement. They also analyze your data to determine the current performance requirements. Based on the findings, our experts develop measures to optimize your warehouse operations: standardization of processes, substitution of warehouse systems, expansion of digitalization strategies, increase in automation

With a logistics diagnosis of your warehouse, we show you the potential for its optimization. The aim is to increase delivery capability, reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Advantages logistics diagnostics

A logistics diagnosis of warehouses and logistics centers offers the following advantages:

  • Identification of weak points: SDZ experts take stock of warehouse operations and identify weak points that cause inefficiencies. This can lead to improved storage and operational efficiency.
  • Increasing delivery capability: Optimizing operations can lead to increased delivery capability, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing operating costs: Improved storage and operating efficiency can help reduce operating costs.
  • Increasing automation: By identifying automation potential, SDZ experts can promote the automation of warehouse and operational processes, which can further increase efficiency.
  • Improving digitization: SDZ experts can identify potential for digitizing warehouse and operational processes to reduce manual processes and increase efficiency.
  • Quick implementation of quick wins: SDZ experts achieve quick wins that can be implemented quickly to achieve immediate improvements.
  • Medium and long-term measures: SDZ experts also identify structural deficits and develop medium- and long-term measures to optimize warehouse and operational processes.

Mastering complexity.

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We love talking about logistics. But we’re even more passionate about working with you to meet the challenges of your logistics operations. We match highly complex processes with unique software solutions, decades of know-how and a genuine passion for the industry. We support you on the way to your goals.

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