Simplifying complexity | Production simulation for optimized factory planning

What if you could clone your factory or production facilities? You could test extensive optimizations without risk. Our production and factory simulation software can do just that. May we introduce: DOSIMIS-3. Discover what is possible with DOSIMIS-3.


  • Estimation of all relevant capacities (e.g. minimum & marginal power)
  • Classification of required output quantities
  • Identification of flexibility in production process & operation strategy
  • Consideration of production in the context of the factory concept

The digital factory twin

DOSIMIS-3 is used to duplicate an existing factory or production concept. With the digital factory twin, we specifically vary various parameters of your processes. Higher-level focus areas of a production and factory simulation are:

  • Material availability
  • Production capacity
  • Appointment dependency

The goal of simulation is factory and production optimization. We ask “what-if” and then map in which arbitrary scenario a certain production output is achieved. We create this simulation for individual production lines or the entire factory on request. We recommend the addition of a material flow analysis.

Important questions we can answer after the factory & production simulation

The final result of the simulation of hypothetical operating situations leads us to answers to important questions, such as:

  • How does the “production” complex behave on peak days?
  • How does the variation of production programs affect the operational process?
  • How are personnel qualification and factory performance related?
  • What is the role of the “personnel strength” factor?
  • How dynamically can you react to a change in the market?
  • What changes in the market can be responded to and in what form?
  • Which disruptive factors are considered particularly risky?

Mastering complexity.

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We love talking about logistics. But we’re even more passionate about working with you to meet the challenges of your logistics operations. We match highly complex processes with unique software solutions, decades of know-how and a genuine passion for the industry. We support you on the way to your goals.

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✔ Customer-oriented optimization of the supply chain
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